Mar 22, 2006

Mr Fabulous reminded me- click here

I was just visiting Mr Fabulous' blog.
He was bemoaning his lack of anonymity.
I understand completely.
My brother Googled himself one day and found my blog.
Even though my comments were not derogatory,he was less than pleased.
He also asked me to remove him from my blog.
Which I did post-haste.

Since then I've only written about dead people, my mom and dad for example.
Actually, my mom was proud of my representation of her in my blog but she became ill and died soon after.

Otherwise - I've tried to keep my writing about live people disguised or else I don't write about them at all.

Limiting at times but safer in the long run.

Kind of makes blogging egocentric. But isn't it supposed to be in a notebook style blog?


Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm lucky in that Mrs. Fab is a big fan of my blog, and so is my brother. It's mostly my inability to let loose about work that frustrates me sometimes.

Jozee said...

I'm self employed so I leave my career out of blog life. I bore my sister with those details.
But I hear ya!

the fourth dimension said...

hear about the woman who slagged and moaned about her job in her blog...until the day her employer, a pure accident on his part, came across her blog.

he wasn't happy.

she, of course, lost her job.

it was in the news a while back.

Jozee said...

Yeah, that's been a real issue here in the States.

A woman at Harvard put her blog as a signature on her work email. Duh.
She and a number of others have lost their jobs that way.

It's real consideration.
Thanks for coming by Lulu.