Apr 14, 2006

Next to the post office downtown

Mr. Fabulous asked where this mural was located.
Hometown boy may know exactly where I'm talking about.
This mural series is incomplete. Since these are cell phone pics the overall image is much too large for one shot. I will go back with another camera at some point to capture the whole scene.

Yesterday we saw a table laid out. What's missing in that scene above the table is this:

Under the table is a man lying supine. To his left is a man in distress.

This all takes place in a corner behind The Collecter Galleries.

Across the street from Historic Northampton:

Beside the post office.


Anonymous said...

Very cool and this is all the same area in which your other picture of the black post is located as well.

Jozee said...

Absolutely correct! Good eye! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the man is supine, not prone.

You Know Who

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am sitting here racking my brain and I can't recall where the post office is...

I can picture the PO in Leeds, and in Florence, but not in Hamp...

I have been away too long.

Jozee said...

A. You're one of four editors in my life. Supine is an excellent word thanks for keepin' me on my toes. ;-)

Mr Fab, think!

Jozee said...

2 entries found for prone.
To select an entry, click on it.

Main Entry: prone
Pronunciation: 'prOn
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin pronus bent forward, tending; akin to Latin pro forward -- more at FOR
1 : having a tendency or inclination : being likely prone to forget names, accident-prone
2 a : having the front or ventral surface downward b : lying flat or prostrate
- prone adverb
- prone·ly adverb
- prone·ness /'prOn-n&s/ noun
synonyms PRONE, SUPINE, PROSTRATE, RECUMBENT mean lying down. PRONE implies a position with the front of the body turned toward the supporting surface ,push-ups require a prone position. SUPINE implies lying on one's back and suggests inertness or abjectness lying supine on the couch. PROSTRATE implies lying full-length as in submission, defeat, or physical collapse a runner fell prostrate at the finish line. RECUMBENT implies the posture of one sleeping or resting a patient comfortably recumbent in a hospital bed. synonym see in addition LIABLE

Supine is more poetic.