Apr 7, 2006


A reminder of my mom.
We have various possesions of my mom's around the house.
I think it's comforting to my kids.
We all lived together from the time before my second daughter was born till my girls were 6 and 10.
Once again for a year when she sold her house.
My daughters were about 18 and 14 then.
Living with her things keeps her home with us.


heatherpink said...

It's amazing how looking at things can bring back memories, good, happy memories.

Jozee said...


Mr. Fabulous said...

That's really sweet. It's nice to have touchstones like that to keep the memories fresh.

Jozee said...


Paul G. said...

I have a length of rope in the shop that my father coiled and tied properly the first time he visited my house.
He was the son of a lobsterman who like all the sons had to work in family business, it shows in the tieing.
I'll never untie it.

There are other things, thing he made thing my mothers father made and things my mothers mother held precious.
But that rope and it's one careful knot holds a moment and a lifetime.

I'm not sure I'm making sense.

Jozee said...

You're making complete sense.

I think I feel the same way when I look at my dad's handwriting. My sister feels the same as I do. I know.
We've both owned a bathroom scale - the same one, from our dad's antique shop.

The sentimental value lies in the price tag in his handwriting that says $3.- (exactly like that).

That sticker's been intact for 18 years now and I know my sister will varnish it on if she has to in order to preserve it.

I'd think about putting your rope on display in a glass box myself.
Possibly under lock and key.

An oak or walnut one with beveled glass sides and top comes to mind .
With an antique padlock.
Peace. J