Aug 8, 2006

Do you dream in color?


I seem to dream only in black and white. I've had two dreams with colored objects in them.

In the first dream I saw an emerald green car coming around the country road where I lived at the time. The last curve before The Bend. Our local swim beach.
Hmm, interesting to me on so many personal levels. The Bend still continues to be an important place in my life for a myriad of reasons.

The second dream, I'm not sure about exactly. I think maybe the one colored object was yellow. Can't recall what the object was though.

Green for go and yellow for caution?
Don't wanna have a red object dream then.

How about you? What color(s) do you dream in?

This post inspired by a thread at Web-Pix yesterday.


Mr. Fabulous said...

You know, I have often wondered about this. I honestly can't say whether I dream in color or black and white. Is that normal? Do most people know? And do most people either dream one way or the other?


I always assume I dream in color, because I think I would notice if I dreamt in black and white. But who really knows?

~d said...

I have no idea.
No eyed deer.

Vince said...

I normally dream in black and white and maybe a few light colors. But when I become lucid in a dream, then I can 'turn on' the color. I also turn on 'God mode' which allows me to be immune from danger, eat anything I want, fly anywhere I want to go, and all the women I meet have to let me have sex with them.

I tried to go to heaven a couple times, but I keep getting scared that I'd be trapped there, so I always fly back down. I guess even in 'God' mode I'm still afraid of the 'real' God :)

Jozee said...

Mr Fab, those are good questions. I wonder about that too.

Maybe sometimes I have color in my dreams and I just don't realize it. I'm not sure but the two dreams I had with singular colored objects against black and white definitely stand out in my mind.

~d now you'll have to check.

Vince,I like that you have control in your dreams.
I try to, sometimes it works but I'm not always that lucid in rem state.

I also like the way you write. You make me chuckle while I am procrastinating about cleaning the house and what to cook for dinner.


~d said...

JWOTPC: I am still not sure-if I had to say I would say color. B/c b&w seems foreign.

GTX said...

I dream in colours, feel scents, feel tact and some times déja-vu.
And must tell you the two worst nightmares I had were before a huge fire in the centre of Lisbon and before my ant Conceição has died, I saw a very dark cloud, really black, that was growing at my direction and suffocates me.
With my father I didn’t.
Well, the two situations above were when I was much younger, before my father’s farewell.

Jozee said...

Premonitions are very frightening.
There was extreme weather the day my dad shot himself. Brilliant sun interchanged with dark,dark clouds. I was working inside but still noticed the dramatic light changes. I get nervous with that kind of weather now.
Deja vu can be amusing, premonition is another matter entirely.

September 11th was a beautiful day. Now I also get anxious when the beautiful skies of Autumn start to arrive.

As for dreams I do dream a lot. Lately just frustration dreams though sometimes they are useful dreams.

I'm pretty certain there is no color in my dreams, though I fill my life with it.

Here's to sweet dreams and peace.