Aug 20, 2006

Imagine my surprise

Virtual Lover

Art & Chaos

a Henri Banks Production

Good morning. I had quite surprise just about this time last Sunday.
While sipping my morning coffee I hopped over to Web-Pix to check on my web foto family.

I came upon the video above, titled, For our Web-Pix mama.

My dear friend and Web-Pix papa, Henri Banks has taken the imagery from my blog, Virtual Lovers and woven it into a vid.

Henri and I often share photos. Swapping them back and forth. Altering in a kind of- 'Look what I've done with your pic,' way. A real fun give and take. When he does something new, he usually tells me right away.
It must have been extremely difficult, for him- waiting for me to get up and see his latest creation! There's a 6 hour time difference since he's in Germany and I'm in the U.S.
Ha,ha Henri!

Mr. Banks,I love what you've done, it's fun being your friend! Josie Soho


Vince said...

Totally Groovy man. Josie is a famous video star!!! I love this video.

Virtual lova...Yeah!!!! Darn good job Henri! Solid!

Henri Banks said...

thank you and i want to say it was extremly difficult for waiting so long Jozee you realy know me ;-)

Jozee said...

Vince, Not sure if I'm famous. Infamous maybe. Henri did do a great job though!

Henri, never forget, I read you like a book.

GTX said...

It’s marvellous…like all of you.

Jozee said...