Aug 29, 2006

jo & mom & dad

Boylston Ma 1960

Both gone. The photos remain.

I love the personality differences in my posture for each pose. More confidant when my mom was shooting. Skirt blowing all around like a mini Marilyn.
Shyer when it was my dad.

Perhaps it has to do with their attitudes too.
A father just puts his arm around the waist posing proudly.

My mother is hugging me into her, holding my skirt down.

That's our yard in the background.

My children accuse me of having a faulty memory now.

When I look at this pic I can remember my surroundings then, as if I were still there.


Vince said...

Way Cute!!!!

I saw just pic before, but now that you point it out, yeah, there is a marked attitude difference.
Maybe you are more focused on the picture taker and you are just way more comfortable looking at your mom. Maybe she made you laugh more. I mean kids do really concentrate on what they're looking at right?

Way too Cute man. Happy happy!

bebe said...

whatever the poses then it's all remarkable you straight into the here and now.

Paul said...

Cute then, cute now.

Jozee said...

Yeah , Vince all good points. It was a very happy time.

Bebe, life's a journey.

Paul, Thank you.

GTX said...

The past refuses to past.
The memories refuse to forget.
Remember it's living the feelings and emotions all over again.
Why to worry about time running fast.
The past never past, it's forever, again and again.

Jozee said...

Beautifully said . Thank you.