Aug 6, 2006



Vince said...

Whoever pauline is, she is an artist--she probably did thos christmas trees too eh?

Jozee said...

Phew! I didn't scare you away with the pinecone collection.

Vince said...

Oh no. You're right...I forgot all about the pine cones :)

Hope you're vacation was as relaxing as it could be. I'm now in vacation mode until around November...

Jozee said...

Hi Vince! Thanks, yes, my vacation was very relaxing.
After 5 days off at home and 9 more in Maine I feel very refreshed.

Hmm, wonder what it would feel like to be on vacation till November?

I don't know who Pauline is either. She was nowhere to be seen when I shot this castle. The other side says Maddy and she wasn't there.

We have to make up our own story.

The drip castles were on Wells Beach the first day and this castle was seen on Moody my last day so it's unlikely that they were made by the same person- but who knows?

A castle greeting and a castle goodbye. Things went upscale so I'd have to say my vacation began and ended on a great note!

Not to mention all the lobster I enjoyed while I was there. ;-)

Tons more pics too!

Did you have your banana split?