Aug 10, 2006

Reason enough

Did someone say music?



bebe said...

very funnyyyyyyyy

Clo said...

Ha, ha! I saw that video on Andrea's blog yesterday and I love it! First, I said to myself, those guys looks like nerds... but when seeing them, and knowing how difficult it is to walk on those without hands, they really impress me.

I don't know how to post video, I wanted to post it on web-pix. Could you do it? :O)

Jozee said...

Yes they are nerds. Very, very cute nerds.

Vince said...

These guys must be British.

~d said...

crap. did I say music?

~d said...

AWW yeah, BABY MY TYPE OF EFFING tune/vid! THIS ROCKS! YES indeed! Stoked, JWOTPC! Totally stoked!!

Jozee said...

They're all American, Vince.

Yeah ~d! Happy Friday!!

GTX said...

I stand with my mouth open, looking this video.
When we tough there’s nothing more to enchant us, suddenly, from the deep of our convictions, come the surprise and his endomorfines.
Great video, cheap, not pretentious, fantastic movements, freshness of ideas and the music is awesome.
Or else I’m too sensitive, am I? It’s “normal”?
I think life will bring me some more good surprises, and to you too, I sincerely hope that.

Jozee said...

Yes, so simple and lighthearted. Life needs lots of these kind of moments. I hope you are having some too!