Aug 6, 2006

Vacation is nice


I love vacation and I love to come home.


Anonymous said...

This is cool ! My hubby, Son & I went to see the Sand Scupltures at our New River Beach.It had so many people from all over the world, It was packed and awesomely fun ! :) You should go some year, it's right beside Maine ?!

Jozee said...

Thanks Sheri I would love to know more about that festival. It sounds really nice. I was thinking while on vacation that I need to attend more events in my usual life.

I like your new pic. Stunning! :)

GTX said...

I Josie, I’m back from a severe and painful backstroke (lombar-sagrado) ‘cause my vertebral disks (if this is the right word) are a little bit with too much use.
Every time I look to this picture it seems that emboss is raised (like those famous stereoscopic images).
I’ve seen some of your recent posts and I amazed with the pictures I saw. Funtastic. And very artistic, I loved, just like that.
Ah, I’m aware from Maine’s life a little more (the boat races, the concern of wild fishing stocks by the fishermen and the fog) what a wonderful place.
Ah, finally I have Net connection at home sweet home and I will post and comment by night (in Portugal).
See you soon.

Jozee said...

It's nice to hear from you once again.
I'm sorry about your back condition. it sounds painful. Hope you are now feeling better.

I'm glad you have enjoyed my pictures from Maine. It is a beautiful place.
I've seen a lot of our coasts here in the US and Maine still remains my favorite.

I have a new cam and I am really enjoying experimenting with it.

Good to see you around. I'll be checking your site.

Be well! Jz

GTX said...

This picture leaves me crazy ‘cause I see almost simultaneous the light coming from the right front side and coming from the left back side and the sensation is: the left “light” raises the steps, the right light lower the steps.
I almost sweat writing because my English is so limited.
A kiss.

Jozee said...

Thank you for explaining what I see too.
I don't find your English limited.
I *blush*.