Aug 18, 2006



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. What the F? Darned if I know. TGIF.


~d said...

Whatever I did, JWOTPC, I can no longer even VIEW your photos.

I'll be back.


raindog said...

wickedly tasty flans?

Jozee said...

~d it's got to be an issue with your computer. dang!

good one, raindog!

Ginnie said...

Donica says "Window To the Future." :)

Jozee said...

That's a good one too!

Vince said...

It seems almost religious, but probably the owners initials?

Or maybe a reminder to Water The Flowers...

Speaking of flowers, those are very pretty pictures recently. But from where I sit, the fish rocker/cars are my favorite for sentimental reasons :)

~d said...

I set the comp back a few days-still the same prob. i cannot SEE your pix!!
I will try-try opening thru IE. SMOOTCH!

Jozee said...

I have no idea really. it's an unassuming house. Like finding an unexpected tattoo.

~d I hope your issues clear up.Virus? I hope not.

Raindog- how did you comment without going to my email?

Vince- I'm posting a pic of a nice phat Honda I saw yesterday.

Donica and Ginnie thanks for stopping in!

I'm wondering if these markings pertain to the underground railroad which was quite active here.

Guess I should call the Historical Society as my Bebe suggested.

oxo jo

raindog said...

that is a perplexing question. honestly, i don't know except that strange things are afoot at the blogspot. actually, blogger has been acting very strange for me the past few days.