Mar 14, 2007

Early in the Morning

Early in the Morning, originally uploaded by Josie Soho.



~d said...

I have a (wonderful) untouched photo of a very red sky I would love to share with you!
It has the husband and thing 2 in it and he won't let me 'post' it, but I would LOVE to share it with you.
totally unretouched b/c I do not know HOW to retouch them!

Jozee said...

Hi ~d. I'm honored that you would want to share it with me!

If you do want to try editing pictures I would suggest downloading Picasa. It's free and relatively simple to use. I use it a lot!

~d said...

OMI, That is a wonderful idea!
I so have photoshop, and NO clue how to use it! I WILL use Picasa!