Apr 25, 2007

Merkley??? - Butter Mirror

Merkley??? - Butter Mirror
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On the day I found out Vonnegut died I was reminiscing about the old issue of Playboy I'd first read him in. I haven't looked at Playboy in years but Vonnegut's death and the memories of that beautiful old magazine left me longing for another place in time. The lush photography and the Vargas drawings, the literature. Yes, some of us did read Playboy for the articles. Looked just for the beauty.

Somehow on that day Merkley???'s photo stream came into my view. It was a fresh jolt of exactly what the dr ordered. His work is incredibly painterly and beautiful. He writes too. He's an artist.
Merkley???'s blog.

Click his pic to go to Merkley???'s flickr photo stream. Wait till you get home though - it's art but probably not work appropriate.

We've got a robot in Noho that'd like to meet you, Merkley.
Robots hate you

If you look at his pics you'lll understand the reference. I don't think this salute would insult him. ;-)

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