May 20, 2007

Little Men

A touch of Saturday afternoon social documentary.

These children probably come from Springfield. Noho is a thriving community. Open and accepting with a lot of social conscience. The weekend brings people to town trying to hawk newspapers and candy for various causes, mostly their own I think. The littlest guy in the group brings to mind memeories of my exhusband. He emigrated to this country from Jamaica as an eight year old boy. Like these little men, he was one too. Forced to grow up too soon.


Camera Crazy said...

These are great photos Josie--the post is a poignant reminder that not everyone has the same chances in life.

Jozee said...

Thank you Gail. Sadly so true. I think the shot where the woman eating the ice cream half out of the shot ( C'mon lady) truly points this up.