May 9, 2007

While I'm Rambling

When this tractor and trailer parked across the street from my house yesterday morning I found solace.

I've been missing my parents lately. My mom in particular.This beautiful time of year coincides with her cancer diagnosis two years ago. Many of you know from reading this blog earler that my mom passed away from lung cancer.

I have found that believing in signs is a very helpful way of coping with grief for me.

Seeing this big rig pull up in front of my house yesterday caught my attention. It's a busy street but I don't often see tractors parallel parking in that spot.

When I looked closer I realized the label on the door was for a lumberyard up the road from where I used to live with my mother and my girls in Goshen. We all lived together for six years after my dad died.

I decided it was a greeting from my mom. The lumber yard had personal meaning for me as I used to walk by it on my daily seven mile walk.
As I was looking out the door I realized the name of the driver's daughter was painted on the hood. My dad had my name on his truck when I was a child. Little Jo.

He also drove a Mack truck on mail runs on Route 20 between Worcester and Springfield and I rode with him occasionally.
Next I noticed there was a 2 on the cab as well. That was the final proof to me that the greeting was from both my parents and they were telling me they were alright and had found each other.

Farfetched I know, but it works for me.


changapeluda said...

you remind me of my sister who got lost riding motorcyles with her friends...she somehow got left behind but she kept seeing signs that said Felix (my dad who died) and Albert (my brother who died) she kept taking the exits with those signs until she found her's like they were leading the way....
I think it's a beautiful way to think.

Jozee said...

i think you have beautiful thought processes too, C.
i hope you and your family are well. love, josie