Jun 25, 2007


Working on my macro and super macro shots. Trying to perfect my closeups so I can market my jewelry in my Etsy shop.

I just received my first run of 30 cards that I had printed from my images. I was very pleased with the quality. I'll post a pic of them here as soon as I can get the shot set up and uploaded. I have the layout perfected in my head. :)

I'm spending my time sorting through things in the house. Reorganizing, sorting and carting stuff to the studio. I sold all the outdoor play toys to a woman who's opening a daycare center in Goshen. The crab sandbox returned, from where it came.

I'm enjoying my new grown up looking yard.

Feeling a bit like this dragonfly while I figure things out.



Camera Crazy said...

I can hardly wait to see them!! Hurry my friend--just a peek!

Jozee said...

The cards? I have to get cracking , Gail!