Jun 14, 2007

Thoughts On My New Career

A stack of calenders I saved to collage with. I opened them up recently and realized there were so many years worth there that they formed a chronology of life for quite a few years back. Into time with people that don't exist on this plane anymore. People who no longer share my life.

Guess I'll wait till I get a scanner copier at the studio before I do anything else with those.

As I ready to close the daycare I prepare myself to start a full time life as an artist. A dream for myself that till now didn't entirely dare to believe to come true.

I've got two daughters who've argued about who'll help me with this family biz I'm trying to create. Let's hope it grows large enough for all of us!


merlinprincesse said...

Hello Josie! I love to think you're going to realize a dream! :) You're right here! Don't destroy the calendars! Just scan the images! :) Say hello to the girls! I'm not very active on the web, except for atcards.com.... I now have a nice collection of ATCs. Anytime, when U want to trade, e-mail me! :)

Jozee said...

MP you and I are on the same wavelength. As you were telling me to scan I was busy researching copiers and placed an order for an HP scanner copier. :) I won't cut these up. Have a thought that the notes on the dates will find their way into my work too...

Will say hello to the girls for you. Big girl is in NYC doing an internship in the fashion industry. Oh My!

I hope to get busy with my cards again soon and of course would love to trade with you. Bisous!

merlinprincesse said...

Cool! :)