Jul 10, 2007

Funny Day

Art Quote of the Day
An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.
Jean Cocteau

Seems not to be the case. Discussing one's art is an expectation these days.
Josie Soho

Saturday at the market was a funny day this week. 7.7.07. All the conversations I had, turned to relationships and death or a combination thereof. Shortly after I took this pic a woman came along and started to chat. While we were talking she pointed out a heron flying over the buildings shown here. She told me her husband had died in an accident shortly after her now grown son was born. That her long term partner had died last March. I told her some of my history and then the heron flew back the other way. Downtown's not far from the Connecticut River but we don't normally see them making a path over the city.

I noticed she seemed to take the heron as a sign of something, as she let out a soft, "huh " after pointing the bird out to me. My father saw a heron in his brook shortly before he died and it was a great source of awe for him. Seeing a heron is a magical thing to me.

Two other people spoke to me of death that day as well. My first boss in Northampton from many years ago was next. She cried when I asked how she was doing. Seems she'd lost her brother just two months ago.

Later on that afternoon a man came by and told me he'd lost his wife. That she'd been an educated woman while he was just a simple carpenter. "Came to Noho to salvage what was left of his mind." he said. "Just a simple carpenter in painter's clothes."

Never know what sitting on the street for a few hours is going to bring. It's never boring.


Chad Oneil said...

Sounds depressing and slightly creepy at times.

Yikes ;)

Jozee said...

Not depressing or creepy really. Just a perfect example of the strangeness of synchronicity.

The sun came out a little bit later. ;)

GTX said...

Dear Josie,
You’re the proof of been not bore.
You gave things their names and breathe the casualties on life as it was just that: life.
Life is the sum of bad days and good ones.
Like “arte-noveau”, asymmetric shape.
(scientist had found the proof that beauty isn’t symmetric).
Life has the shape of a yellow flower.

Jozee said...

Nicely said Gtx. Thank you for the compliment. It's good to see you again. I hope everything's going well.

changapeluda said...

i went on a date and all he talked about was death...by cancer. in his family & at his work....and i remember thinking, "i need to change the subject"
it's easier just to let them talk, isn't it?

Jozee said...

Sometimes that's what's needed. ;-)