Jul 1, 2007

Josie Soho's Launch


Yesterday marked the first day of retail sales for Josie Soho™. Ms Soho hit the streets at precisely 8 a.m. Setting up under the art arch just adjacent to the Saturday farmer's market.

An area populated by some of our more colorful, cigarette smoking locals as well.

Bleh. That detail made me crave a ban on outdoor smoking in public places yet again.

Their constant chatter was colorful and quite an addition to the scene. One woman kept yelling, "They all treat me like an old Japanese trick." And "How much do you think it would cost to get my hair dyed?" When my cam came out she said, "Don't take no pix of me- I don't want my pic taken. I can go to Florida and get my pic taken for free!"

Yes, these scenes really do occur in my life. I have a pretty wild imagination which is only further stimulated by the flukey and bizarre instances that present themselves to me. Anyway.

Noho's an artsy college town that once housed a state hospital that closed and released it's patients into the local community. Therefore my surroundings and company did not deter interest in my work.

I didn't sell a great deal but there was a lot of favorable interest and I had some stimulating conversations with the people who stopped to check out my perspective.

Thank you to- Rich, Devida, Linda, America, Claudia, Craig, Bruce, Judson, bebe, Foof, Drew and Mark.

You made my day!

Oh yes, you too Dio. Hope you're enjoying that ipod phone. Yes, I am fine. oxo josie


Camera Crazy said...

Your display looks beautiful Josie. People stop to look and chat and eventually some come back to buy! I'm so excited for you. It's weird putting your vision on the street isn't it? Good though.

Ginnie said...

You go, Girl! Bravo and congratulations!! I wish you the best in your artistic endeavors!