Sep 10, 2007

How Was Your Day?


no saturated fats low sugar low salt no drinking mediterranean diet vegetarianism
not enough love making child going abroad health issues anything else?

Oh yeah -the Med diet offers one glass of wine a day. I'm opting for that and reverting back to my childhood.

Marching up the bike path doing walking lunges. Covering two miles as fast as I can. Scissor walking, pretending I'm 12 and in the woods with my brothers again. I can be a grown up with a child like attitude. A special experience embracing a part of me that's been quieted too long.

What should I do next? Run!

1 comment:

Camera Crazy said...

I have a friend who always told her doctor if I can't drink wine don't prescribe it! Whoa--it sounds like your plate is full--no pun intended.