Oct 27, 2007

Friday Nights Are Funny

• Weird- I wondered when I walked into the studio if there were any guys noticing me. Silly thought but such a big building and so many windows.


Difficult to explain but I'll try . One of the real drags of being in a relationship with someone who's married to someone else is that everything has to be so damn discreet. I can only say that my love brought his cousin who is a photographer of renown to my studio. His work focuses on his lover as his model. Very nice men.

As I was escorting them out, there was a handsome black man with dreads who stood aside to let us pass. My bf asked, "Who's that, honey?" I didn't know. I watched my love and his family descend the stairs. As I walked back around the corner alone. I saw him again looking behind a couch in the hallway. I asked him if he'd lost something. He said no, that he was looking for outlets because someone was coming to record his life story.   Sisco. He came to my studio after telling me about his life in Guinea. He told me his life story- which I won't share because it's his story not mine. Sisco turned out to be a dancer, composer, muscian who convinced me I could make him a flier. *shrug* He's calling me next week.




After he left I wondered if I'd meet a third boy. About half an hour later, looking out my window I saw a blonde boy at the base of my tower. He didn't see me. I was looking at the top of his head. I said, "That's a dangerous climb. You really don't belong there." I startled him pretty well. I was reminding myself of my dad. He delighted in taking people by surprise. A seventeen year old boy at the base of a tower is a pretty easy target. Lucky I didn't make him fall off into the river. We had quite a conversation this little boy and I. Me from my window and he from the base of my tower. Turns out he's the artist who makes the wheatpaste cats around town. We had a long conversation about art and legalities and whether or not it was worth it to get arrested for one's art. It began to rain and he said he had to go.


I turned back into my studio and had to think. Three incredibly powerful experiences and interactions. It all began with me wondering if there were any men seeing me enter the building. How strange and wonderful.

I hope your weekend is going magically too. oxo josie



changapeluda said...

Oh Sister! thank you so much for writing this blog and lettin me hang out with you here.

In your honor, Me & Pop-pops danced to Me & Mrs. Jones
by Ray Charles.


Jozee said...

Hey- You're so welcome! I appreciate your presence. Thanks for reminding me that i should dance more at home! peace- sistah!