Nov 28, 2007


josie soho™ 2007


Vince said...

Hey, Sorry those two rings were so pretty, I bought them. I hope you don't have to remove the two ring pictures from your blog because then nobody else can look at them.

Can't wait 'till I get a job, then I can shop more...Hope you're doing okay.

Jozee said...

No worries honey. Thank you so much! I've updated my widget it's no prob at all.

so nice to hear from you Vince. I'll have those rings shipped out to you as asap. i'm so pleased you like my work.

hope being unemployed is not a prob. are you still a world traveler?
you'll have mail. soon.

Diogenes said...

Happy birthday, chere.

Jozee said...

Thanks, Dio!