Mar 30, 2006

For Mr Fabulous et al


Mr. Fabulous said...

Well, bless your heart!

Geez, if you're not careful, you're going to make me get all nostalgic, and then I'll have to come to see the old stomping grounds once more.

Boy, I've eaten a lot of food in there over the years!

Is Cooper's still on the corner of Chestnut and ... oh crap ...Main?

My memory is fading as we speak...

Jozee said...

Yes, Cooper's is still there at the end of your street tho there is only one brother left.

Florence hasn't changed much . West's is gone but now the building is updated with a coffee shop.

We have about 4 new coffee shops and no really good restaurant up here.

Miss Flo's changed hands a while back. Can't vouch for the food but the atmosphere is still there.

Alexander's has been turned into an upscale nightclub/ pool hall.

Will post more pics of our funky village from my nightly walks for you with pleasure!