Mar 31, 2006

Ina and Brownie will be right with you

I'll go inside to get some shots.
One of these days.
Winter lethargy and grief have caused me to have more than my usual winter poundage.
More than I'm happy with anyway.

So, thankfully - there's light after dark.
Sunshine after work.

I'm on my way
starting with a nightly stroll
and working back up to fifty miles a week on my bike.

Laps around Look Park.
2.2 miles around x5 plus 4 miles up and back.
Three or four times a week
Make a nice little work out.

I'll post some pics.

In a few weeks I'll go in the diner and see if the cucumber salad is still good.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Look Park. Oh wow. I ahven't thoght about Look Park in a long time. I used to practically live there. Lots of memories of that place. Wow...

Jozee said...

How about the time security zoomed up to us while we were makin'out under the totem pole? Oh, wait, that was me and some kid named Buddy...

Mr. Fabulous said...

The totem pole! I totally remember that totem pole! LOL

Jozee said...