Mar 20, 2006

My soundtrack

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Last week I was bragging that I'm an urban roots daughter.
Upscale hippie, not a yuppie.

Cruisin MSN radio on my new laptop
I found a station that's au courant in all my favorite ways
Located on Bondi Beach in Australia.
Makes me want to go.

Reminds me of the summer I dated three brown boy dj's from Umass.
OOh that was a long time ago. A Haitian, an American and a Kenyan.
Bad, bad Josie.

Click the link for your own Bondi experience. ;-)


the fourth dimension said...

Did you date them at the same time? Cosy foursome? Bad!

Jozee said...

yes, everyone knew the deal.
there were no secrets.
we are talking about another place in time.
late 70's early 80's
probably more than a summer
we all impacted one another's lives in never-ending ways.