Mar 21, 2006

Re: yesterday

Apparently no one reads to the ends of my posts. Or people were just too shocked to comment on yesterday's.

If you did read it all maybe you just thought I was on crack or I JUST TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT MYSELF.
Taking unnecessary risks - telling unecessary secrets.
The whole point being, I do have the freedom to tell my secrets.
They're mine and need not be censored if I decide to reveal them.
My current lover recognizes this right. Which endears him to me with no end.
My freedom to be myself affirms the foundation of our relationship.


the fourth dimension said...

I suppose that is right. You need to let it out in someway, and only if a person can see beyond your faults, your secrets can still stick around, is worth the effort of being in a relationship with.

I am eating Monster Munch.

Jozee said...

Um, not sure what Monster Munch is but it sounds fun.

I don't feel my experiences are a fault.

My point primarily is that I have someone that acknowledges I have a past life and doesn't hold it against me.
Recognizes, I'm me because of it.
That to me is true love.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Nothing shocks me :)

And I would never think you were on crack. Too lowbrow for you. I would think that someone of your obvious taste and elegance would more likely be using some of those trendy designer drugs...

Jozee said...

Pomegranate tequini is more my style these days. But not while bloggin'.

Loose lips sink ships. hehe

brainhell said...

I read it but was not shocked that you dated three brown boys. NP.

Jozee said...

You weren't non-plussed? ;-)

merlinprincesse said...

I did not comment because I was JEALOUS... LOL! You have all the rights dear JOZEE! And some guts! Like Mr Tiger, nothings shocks me in the matter of love things! War and hatred are shocking! Not love!

Jozee said...

Thank you MP !

Haitian boys can cook!

Literally and figuratively. ;-)

Peace out.