Aug 16, 2006

Eggshell and watermelon rind



raindog said...

"we'll laugh at that old bloodshot moon in that burgundy sky."

this one reminded me of a night of drinking and that tom waits lyric. its funny how we see things. i'm trying not to comment on everything you shoot, but it is visually stimulating. i like it here.

Jozee said...

I like to hear other's interpretations of my pics.
Tom Waits is a lyrical mad man.
Makes me smile when I think of how this was shot in the middle of the afternoon while prepping dinner.
Thanks for enjoying my blog. That's a great compliment!

Ginnie said...

When I see watermelon rinds I want to eat watermelon pickles! All those wasted rinds! Who makes those any more?! They're so good!!

Jozee said...

Ooh, sorry Ginnie, I don't make watermelon pickles. Too sweet, for my taste but if you lived nearby I'd be tempted to learn. :)

Thinking of you and Donica. That's my brand of prayer. All good thoughts coming your way.