Aug 15, 2006

Lima Beans



~d said...

just a bowl of butter beans.
pass the cornbread if you please.
I don't need no turnip greens all I need is a bowl of butter beans.

(to be sung to the gospel song tune, Just a Closer Walk with Thee)

Vince said...

I'll trade a role of sweet tarts for a handfull of those veggies.

Speaking of brain freeze, I never get them? I always get throat freeze. It never reaches my brain. I've asked everyone I meet (if I get a chance) if they ever got throat freeze and they all say no. Does anyone here get throat freeze? Or am I the only one in the world who gets them???

Jozee said...

~d, Hallelujah!

Hand those sweet tarts over Mister!

Usually it's one's brain responding to the throat freeze. You just skip the extra step, Vince.
Let's not talk about what a fear of heights does!