Aug 31, 2006


Yardman: Can I help you?
Me: No, I'm just taking pictures.
Yardman: Why?
Me: I like big rusty pieces of metal.
Yardman: Oh.

That's what happened when I took these pics this morning.
Pull a camera out and people get nervous.
Either he was worried I was filming some yard violation or that I might be breaching homeland security. *shrug*


Mr. Fabulous said...

How sad is it that I am actually nostalgic for the damn recycling center, too?

Jozee said...

If it helps- the people that work there are still as cranky as ever!

Ginnie said...

Yesterday I was reading about someone else who was taking pics around someone who was acting nervous. I always have a answer ready in case someone asks why I'm taking pics. I loved yours! :) Usually the truth is satisfying :)

raindog said...

i like this series. nice captures, josie!

Jozee said...

Ginnie, Thanks for the tip and the compliment!

Thank you too, Rain Dog. :)