Aug 30, 2006

Secret Pal


Apparently Erin and I have the same secret pal.

I got this fun stuff in the mail today. It's identical to what Erin got in her mail. Maybe she wants to come over and play!

Thanks to my secret pal. ;-)


Vince said...

I aways liked soap. I would eat it if I could. Same with the plastic rolls.

Jozee said...

Reminds me of one of my dad's favorite lines when offered something to eat or drink that he didn't want - "No, thanks I just ate a bar of soap!"

Henri Banks said...

Thats funny :-)

Jozee said...

Yes,would you like a roll?

GTX said...

What to say? He’s a family man, no doubt.

Family man

Jozee said...

Candy, rolls and soap = family man?

GTX said...

just between us, i was been ironic….

Erin O'Brien said...

It's the Pez REFILLS that speak volumes. Now this is someone who cares. Anyone can send a Pez dispenser, but when you send refills, that means you really care.

yes. yes. yes.

GTX said...

It's difficult to accept that we have wrong.
I have.
A person who cares its a real person, even if.

Jozee said...

Aren't we lucky girls, Erin?