Aug 30, 2006

Saturday Sky


Yesterday I joined the Saturday Sky web ring.

It's a ring made up primarily of fiber arts bloggers who post photos of the sky from where they are on any Saturday. Nice theme for the weekend when traffic is typically slow.

While perusing random blogs provided by the link I have learned about Swapbot, Make: zine and the Crafters gallery at Flickr.
Make: zine has some really cool techno stuff and is not just about crafting.
Give them all a look and see what inspires you!

Oh yes, I learned about all this from following a link on my stats counter to Asparagus and Mayonnaise.

Stats counters can be lots of fun. Not just masturbatory*. ;-)

* I think Erin called stat counters masturbatory first.


Erin O'Brien said...

Did you crochet that J? I love it! Love the colors.

Off to go masturbate--uh--I mean, check my statcounter.

Jozee said...

Thanks, Erin I did! Purple Party is the name of the yarn.

You're so funny! ;-)