Mar 27, 2007

What I Ate For Breakfast

What I Ate For Breakfast, originally uploaded by Josie Soho.


Growing up- we had chickens and eggs. Too many eggs.
I was well into adulthood before the idea of an egg was a delicacy to me.
Now I pay a premium for eggs just like the ones we had growing up.
Life's funny.

wiki of delicacies around the world

Duck feet are one delicacy I've tried.
Though I didn't care for them, the sauce was really yummy.
What unusual delicacies have you had?


~d said...

I have tried haggis. And (blood pudding?)
I ♥ anchovies and sardines! Mmmm!

Jozee said...

Hmm, haggis. I have Scot blood not sure how I'd feel about haggis though I'd probably try it. blood sausage is something my mom grew up eating that I've never had. I like sardines too but I'm picky about anchovies, only really like the white ones.

So far the only food I've eaten that I could live without are duck's feet and sea cucumbers. Those are freaky!