Mar 27, 2007

Vermont Maid



Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Josie!

I have a cruet of syrup my dad made not long before he died. I can't bear to use it, can't bear to throw it away.

I am Erin.

griesmail said...

like the composition and "softness"

Jozee said...

Hi Erin!

I'm sorry about your dad.
I can't say I know how you feel but I have my own understanding of similar circumstances.

Shortly before my dad died he gave me a miniature pumpkin. I painted it with gold spraypaint in hopes of preserving it and photographed it. I still have that pic somewhere.

My thoughts on your syrup would be to eat it if you think it's still good. Your dad wanted you to have some sweetness in your life when he gave it to you.

This year marks 19 years since my dad's suicide and 2 years in September for my mom's death from lung cancer.

The method of coping that I use is to bring my parents into the moment.

When I see or feel something that reminds me of them , I tell myself it is them , they are still here with me and they are letting me know they always will be.

So , my suggestion would be to make some special pancakes or french toast and eat that syrup. Put some flowers in the container later and think of your dad. He will smile down on you. love, josie

Griesmail, thank you. The container is the kind of syrup I grew up with. For the softness it's a watercolor filter in Photoshop. I only use it for certain images otherwise it could become trite. Thank you. :)