May 24, 2007

307 Main Street

This house belonged to my surrogate grandparents next door. Ginnie and Ralph. They're both deceased now. I wonder if their son still lives there?

This right of way and land we used to explore seems to be property of the Water Dept. now.

As most childhood memories work so does mine. This barn seemed so much bigger back then.

This is what remains of my mom's garden along the stonewall between the house and the barn.


Yep, it's said you can't go home again. It's true but it's possible to record the shreds of what's left before it's completely gone. That's something I become more and more acutely aware to do as I progress as a photographer. One learns never to expect anything will be there the next time you decide to shoot it. No matter how long a landmark's been there you just never know.

So in a gap between races at Sunday's regatta on Lake Quinsigamond I decided to head out to Boylston to where I'd grown up to see how it looked. I knew a long time ago that the exterior of our beautiful old 1790 house had been ruined by a crappy application of aluminum siding a few decades ago. I was prepared for that.


Vince said...

That's a scary looking school house for a kid. I would have cried too. If I were an architect I would build happy looking buildings man.

Jozee said...

Vince, I'm just happy to hear your dialogue. How's it hangin dude?