May 24, 2007

Morningdale First Grade

As I've written earlier my dad was the bus driver who dropped me off for my first day of school. After I reached the top of those steps I cried. There were two classroom doors and I worried I'd pick the wrong one. Beyond that my biggest memories equal Dick and Jane Books, playing with a redheaded boy named Rusty, a girl named Julia who was so tiny a high school desk had to be cut down for her and my classroom portrait. I'll have to look for the portrait.



Camera Crazy said...

This is amazing to me. My elementary school was torn down a few years ago to enlarge the adjacent high school. It was kinda weird as I had learned to read and write there. Additionally I once wet my pants in the fifth grade while wearing my green girl scout uniform. You can imagine how humiliating that was!

Jozee said...

Oh my gosh I always felt so badly for kids that had those random accidents. I can imagine your feelings. So sorry!

In New England we have an expression, use it up , wear it out , make it do. This old building is now making do as a town office building.

What I find astonishing is that in all this time those beautiful fan and sidelights are still there. I don't think those could be replicated for love or money.

This was just a two room schoolhouse, I cried because I was sure I would pick the wrong room. What a silly goose.