May 30, 2007

Flickr Leech

Flickr leech is much nicer than it sounds. It's a hack that displays Flickr users' public pics as thumbnails on one page. Much easier than clicking through the whole site. Click on individual pics to enlarge. To see my stream on Flickr Leech click here.


Vince said...

Holy cow. One can create there own world with all those pictures.

You do know that each of those pictures are a work of art don't you?

And you have so many. That makes you like a billionaire or something :)

Jozee said...

2743 images that may be worth showing. Perhaps they could be whittled down a bit. I was glad to know after watching a doc on Annie Liebovitz that she wasn't always good at editing herself either.

I'm glad that you think they're worth something- as part of my new plan is to start selling some of these pics. $20.00 each- matted. I'll need to sell quite a few to get to a million. We'll see what happens.