May 29, 2007

Shadow Play

Sitting on the step this morning, watching my charge at play. All too aware that this
will be one of the last images to reference my daycare.

I'm excited and happy to be trying a new direction. A bit worried at times but I'm sure it's worth the risk .



Vince said...

Appropriate as one of the last references. Shadows are like ghosts. A little scary though.

Oh, I'm hanging okay. Glad to see you're still clicking stuff. I'll have to look into that Flickr thing, sounds interesting. Hey, what is your new direction? There's risk involved?

Jozee said...

Hi Vince. I'm a mad clickr. A year's nearly passed since I got my cam and it's about to reach it's 20,000th click.

My new enterprise consists of trying to make a living from the life and times of Josie Soho and what she does. While you were away I got a studio. I'll be working from there on my photography and jewelry. I've also gotten a vendor's permit to sell my pics on the street. Lucky #13.

The risk is that I'm closing a successful business to start a new one. That's chancey but now's the time to give it a try.

I'm glad you're well. It's nice to see you around. :)

Vince said...

Wow. I wish you tons of success Josie. Tons. 20,000? That's a lot of clicking. What's amazing is that I'll bet you can recognize each of those 20,000 pics.

--Consider "eBay" to sell your mats/jewelry too; it's free anyways. Let me know if you post on eBay and I will go shopping there :)

--A Website is another cool thing to consider; a low overhead virtual store.

--Okay, I'm pulling this one out of my hat. Soap. Easy to make. The studio will smell great. People love soap. I love soap. Sells good on eBay and web sites. You can find out how to make it online. Combines well with mats and Jewelry. Buying a good bar of soap puts people in the mood to buy mats and jewelry and keeps 'em coming back. There is demand for good homemade soap. I buy nothing but homemade soap bars, I wash my hair with the stuff. Did I mention I love soap?

Anyways, please forgive my "idea" intrusion. Honestly I'm just excited for you and get carried away with nonsensical ideas sometimes. You inspire me. I mean I've always walked softly around the edges of life. Never really jumping into it. I guess I'm satisfied just seeing other people do the jumping and winning, like that girl who won a hundred grand on the Wheel of Fortune today made me feel happy. But now I wanna be the one who can win. I mean I wanna roll my pants legs up and go deeper in the water, like you. I just gotta figure out what body of water I wanna dip into...

Jozee said...

Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement Vince.

Perhaps your passion is soap making. If you wanna make some soap with pics- let me know.