Aug 4, 2007


I could use one- though I'm not having one.
Life and parenthood worries and responsibilties are testing my reserves right now.
I'm still here.

If you can relate please have a drink for me. I'll buy you a virtual one.



Happy birthday Dad. 08.04.33- 11.08.88


Nadiyya said...

Hey... wonderful blog!! Mind if I link to you?

changapeluda said...

Happy B-day to your papa
& I'll have a cosmopolitan...not that I've ever tried one but they sound decadent and citified....

~d said...

Hiya Beautiful, JWOTPC...Happy Birthday, Dad. (and a virtual cheers to you, Josie!)

Nadiyya said...

Hey Jozee, tagged you for this, hope you think it is fun - enjoy!

Jozee said...

Thanks to nadiyya for the kudos. And to ~d and lickety split girl for the birthday remembrances for my dad. Deeply appreciated. Cosmo for Changa and a Clauthaler for ~d coming right up!